Mobile Phone disruptions

Mobile Phone disruptions

Mobile phones made communications and employee engagements easier both inside and outside the workplace by allowing employees to attend the important calls. Business owners will strongly believe that the mobile phones will increase the productivity and improve the customer satisfactions.

However, there are numerous Security risks associated with this decision of free mobile phone usage at the workplace for the organization.

Mobile phone related security threats

Mobile phones are vulnerable to malware attacks. Many survey outcomes reveal that there are lakhs of new malware deductions every day targeting the mobile devices and the security threats are on the rise.

  • Data leakage – There are free apps which supports to send potential business data to remote server(s)
  • Network spoofing – employees fall in victim unknowingly when they use public wifi connections in the places like coffeeshops / airports / railway stations / libraries etc.
  • Spyware – in order to keep track of the team member’s whereabouts, some people uses unknown spyware apps, which become key threats to the organization.

List of possible misuse of mobiles inside the organization:

  • Cameras are high level threat for the internal systems and practices
  • Mobile data
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB set-up


Having understood the day to day issues faced by the Corporate world, we at Sandsberg, come up with the solutions to enable Corporate Companies to proactively block the misuse, monitor and investigate in case of any security threat for their clients / business / organization’s employees.


  • Intuitive dashboard with an easy to use interface
  • Troubleshoot devices in real time
  • Detect and report high risk and non-compliant devices
  • Secured access network
  • Protect enterprise email