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Automation Intelligence in Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure Automation Intelligence (IAI) plays vital role in solving customer technical issues, replacing traditional IT helpdesk support (1. Customer call the helpdesk and report the issue, 2. Helpdesk register the issue and raise ticket, 3. Helpdesk analyze the issue, 4. Escalate the problem to SME, 5. SME analyze the issue and fix the problem, 6. Customer informed), with benefits like quick turnaround time to solve problems instantly without human intervention.

IAI is a set of integrated programs like Sensors, Alerts, Rules, Actions, Workflows, APIs which need to be customized, (example critical SAP application may be running out of disk space or CPU overflow which can trigger a server alert and it will need a manual intervention with normal helpdesk support or the network is affected with malware etc) automated remediation, it is the tier 1 support provided using Stackstorm integration which will troubleshoot and fix know issues and escalates to humans when needed.

IAI actively listens to all the critical alerts within your Infrastructure (Hosted Anywhere – Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid) like Servers, OS, Applications, Databases, Hypervisors, Hyperconvergence, Virtual Machines, Routers, Firewalls, Switches etc.

Sandsberg IAI lab started providing:

  • Automated remediation services to cloud infrastructure service providers and corporate’s, it has demo lab to showcase customer on infrastructure automation using open source Stackstorm with AWS cloud and Nutanix Acropolis.
  • Security Remediation services like automated responses to cyber attacks is becoming more important every day and Sandsberg – Security Operating Centre can help you protect your infrastructure and data.